In the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak, we had the pleasure to contribute to both short and long term customer projects that impact all of us…

Remote Assistance for doctors in Covid-19 quarantine areas

With the outbreak of Covid-19, companies are now faced with challenges about quarantine, and as a result, reducing direct contact between employees and self-imposing travel restrictions. For one of our key accounts, the Iristick.Z1 smart glasses, are literally lifesaving. One evening, our company received a phone call asking to ship urgently one extra pair of Iristick.Z1 smart glasses, because a team of doctors and field specialists was operating under harsh conditions in Iran to isolate Covid-19 patients. This customer has been using our smart glasses for a longer period now and was convinced of the advantages of hands-free remote assistance.

During the set-up and maintenance of generators, purification installations and other equipment -crucial to operate a field hospital- the field maintenance team gets handsfree remote assistance from experts based in a different location, even in a different country. This provides the best expert help, where and whenever needed, especially when acting in quarantine areas. As a company, we were thankful to be able to reduce the deployment time and hence to reduce the risk for these doctors and field workers as they are working under extreme and life-threatening conditions.

Remote assistance via smart glasses reduce the CO2 impact and environmental cost of travel

These urgent use-cases are very motivating for us as a company, but the next day we had a meeting with potentially even more impact for our planet. One large company has decided to limit its environmental impact by reducing the CO2-cost of travel significantly. “Handsfree remote assistance using smart glasses” has been identified as a key technology by this company as one of the major levers to reach this target.

JBTC aims to reduce travel costs significantly by adopting iristick smart glasses for remote support and remote assistance

Operating in more than 27 production sites across the globe and with a yearly travel budget of more than 1100 maintenance trips out of the regional Centre of Excellence, they aim to reduce this number by 50%, without compromising the support level and quality of service, while ensuring undisrupted manufacturing operations of each site. Our smart glasses enable them to achieve this target. Handsfree remote assistance reduces the need for experts to be on-site and with the right software tools, fully documented support can be given to the local team as if the expert was on site.

On a daily basis, we see more and more companies adopting smart glasses and remote assistance technology as part of their standard service and maintenance operations. And even better, we see now our smart glasses being used in remote and conflict zone areas, assisting foreign aid workers and caregivers to deliver a faster response to the local population.

And most importantly, they make an impact on all of us…

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Published on Mar 11, 2020