Because focus matters


A design truly meeting industry needs

Discover our smart glasses solution for hands-free execution of business processes, leveraging the computing power and connectivity of mobile phone technology.

Iristick.C1 and Iristick.Z1:
smart glasses for hands-free mobile computing in industry.

Iristick product front display

Focus on what matters

Iristick smart glasses focus on the wearers' safety and comfort first

  • No (connectivity) radiation exposure near temple
  • A truly wearable pair of glasses
  • Certified safety glass frame

Iristick smart glasses are designed and built for industrial purposes

  • Exceptional zoom and scan capabilities
  • Streaming functionality
  • Leveraging the connectivity and computing power of a smartphone

Key features

Ergonomic and lightweight

frame designed for maximum comfort and fit, with adjustable temple tips

Android compatible

powered by Android mobile phone to reduce weight and radiation on the wearers' head and use all the computing power of the smartphone

3-axis Adjustable optics

for perfect adaptation of the display to the wearers' eye and minimum distraction during work

Certified safety glass frame

for maximum industry compliance

Supports prescription glasses

for all operators' eyes

8 Hour battery power

pocket unit with extra battery supports 8 hours independent work


for easier device control

Exceptional scan and zoom

for scanning from a safe distance and for streaming of vital details

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The power of mobile

The Iristick glasses are tethered to an Android smartphone that clicks into a pocket unit attached to the wearers' belt. The Iristick glasses have no battery, no central processor, no WiFi and no Bluetooth as they leverage these components of the operator's smartphone. This mutually reinforcing combination delivers unparalleled advantages for deskless workers and their organization:

Dramatic reduction of the exposure risk to electromagnetic radiation near the wearers' temple

Offers a light, comfortable and safe pair of glasses

The power of android with the Iristick smart glasses

Leverages the ever-growing processing power and connectivity of smartphones

Disruptively decreases the total cost of ownership of smart glasses: leverage Android mobile security, developments and updates

Smart operators

Iristick develops state-of-the-art smart glasses for industry. All Iristick smart glasses are certified safety glasses and feature live streaming technology, enabling “hands-free” remote assistance and you-see-what-I-see applications. Unlike its competitors, the Iristick enterprise wearables leverage the processing power of your smartphone, avoiding risk of radiation near the temples and significantly reducing the cost of deployment. Smart safety glasses will introduce your industrial sites to the latest technological innovations such as augmented reality. Iristick smart eyewear can be used in maintenance, logistics, shop floor activities, quality control, tele-medicine and education.

Iristick.Z1 in action