Our story

Iristick’s industrial smart glasses have been developed by a team of senior industry entrepreneurs, top engineers and industrial and eyewear fashion designers. Based on customer feedback, industry requirements and market standards, we developed a complete product range, with Iristick.G2 and Iristick.H1 as flagship products and ECOM Visor-Ex 01 soon to be launched in collaboration with intrinsically safe world leader ECOM Instruments, a Pepperl+Fuchs Brand.

What really motives us is to creating topnotch tools for the deskless workforce of the future to reduce errors and increase productivity. Frontline workers and field technicians are connected in real-time with remote experts, zooming in on the smallest details, to get the job done, fast and effectively.

AR and smart glasses are a vast and emerging technology that will impact the daily work of various types of frontline workers. We, at Iristick, are proud to be part this interesting journey.

Johan De Geyter, CEO

Our mission

Our mission is to design, manufacture and support smart safety glasses for various industrial and professional purposes.

Together with our software partners we aim to deliver the highest quality solutions for remote assistance, step-by-step workflow guidance and pick-by-vision.

Why Iristick?

We immediately saw the potential of smart glasses in industry, but none of the current products could meet the needs of an industrial environment. Iristick products are fully compliant with eyewear safety requirements and are specifically designed to operate reliably for an entire shift in harsh industrial environments.

The cost of deployment is limited since we use the full computing power of the operators’ existing mobile device. Most importantly, Iristick smart glasses are the most balanced and light weight in the market: comfortable, stable and light with no radiation or heat dissipation at the temple area.

Riemer Grootjans, CTO

Can we help you?

Once you start working hands-free with the super comfortable Iristick smart glasses, it's difficult to imagine how you managed without. Shoulder to shoulder we will help you define your use case and roll out the highest quality total AR solution that can be plugged into your existing back end system & processes. All to get the job done better, faster and more efficient. Let's start the conversation.

Bart Verreydt
Chief Commercial Officer


Social Impact

We believe the Iristick smart glasses can address social deficiencies and can have a decisive impact in a social, non-commercial context. We therefore teamed up with Social in Motion.

Investment partners