With the outbreak of Covid-19 (Corona), companies are now faced with challenges of quarantine, resulting in the need to reduce direct contact between employees and service providers and in self-imposed travel restrictions. Therefore, many companies are looking for a solution to keep their production operational without traveling and on-site support.

For the John Bean Technologies customer care team in Belgium (Sint-Niklaas), smart glasses enabling remote assistance is definitely a creative solution to combine high quality maintenance with the current quarantine restrictions.

Moreover, remote assistance smart glasses will facilitate service and maintenance operations:

  • in remote, dangerous conflict zone areas
  • in countries where time consuming entry visa and vaccination requirements are needed prior to entry
  • to reduce the CO2 impact and environmental cost of travel, contributing to JBT’s and its Customers sustainability goals.

JBT will also use the technology to train regional Field Service Engineers on the job.

The solution will be used for the first time this week with a large customer in Northern Italy where a local maintenance team will get handsfree remote assistance from experts based in Belgium during the start-up of a 2-shell rotary pressurized sterilizer. JBT Sint-Niklaas partnered with two other Belgian companies for this solution to supply the smart glasses and the software platform (suite).

JBT rotary pressure sterilizer
JBT rotary pressure sterilizer

“One of the corporate values of John Bean Technologies is ‘Customer First’, often resulting in on-site help from our local experts in the startup of new, complex equipment. This is no longer possible in the current Corona crisis. We contacted Iristick and their certified, ruggedized smart glasses seemed to be the perfect solution. Sending a pair of smart glasses, means we can respond fast and efficient, help our clients the fastest possible and maintain our high-quality standards,” says Rex Pattyn, Customer Care Sales Manager, JBT Belgium

JBT ProSight Remote Assistance Program
JBT ProSight Remote Assistance Program (Copyright JBT)

Iristick smart glasses are perfect for the job: they are lightweight certified smart glasses equipped with 2 cameras, showing exactly what the local technicians sees to the remote expert. With the optical zoom lens the technician can zoom in on details to finetune his actions. The Remote Support Platform allows the on-site technician to get directly in touch with the right back-office supporting expert. The calls, activities and log can be integrated with SalesForce and JBT’s Field Service Management Program.

Feel free to read more about JBT's ProSight Remote Assistance Program.

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Published on Mar 17, 2020