Smart glasses enabling 'See-What-I-See' (SWIS) and remote assistance provide video-conferencing capabilities that allow everyone in the call to see what the smart glasses wearer is seeing, from his or her point of view. This introduces a totally new way of collaborating and solving problems.

Iristick.G1 and Iristick.H1 are the only smart glasses on the market equipped with an exceptional optical zoom lens enabling the wearer to focus on details that are too far away or unreadable for the human eye. Or even scan into narrow, dangerous or unreachable areas of an industrial installation. Combined with remote assistance, this provides your operators with the most powerful device on the market for specific use cases.

Remote assistance increases maintenance quality and reduces on-the-job learning time because Iristick smart glasses enable field staff to consult more experienced remote experts within the company in real-time. Machine up-time is higher because after-sales engineers of complex capital equipment can remotely assess the situation and solve complex problems faster and more efficient.

Find out here which remote assistance software you can use with Iristick smart glasses.


  • Share knowledge and expertise in real-time to solve complex problems faster and more efficiently
  • Reduce downtime or accelerate startup time of large capital equipment sites
  • Faster intervention by eliminating travel time of expensive expert
  • Cheaper intervention by eliminating travel costs
  • Share experience on the work floor in an intuitive way among operators and field staff
  • Continue operations in difficult to reach areas (conflict zones, Covid-19 quarantine areas, countries with long VISA procedures, etc.)

Client Stories

Technicians ENGIE use smart glasses to speed up intervention time.

ENGIE was looking for a solution to solve these 2 conflicting challenges: shorten the training time for young, inexperienced technicians and transfer the ‘unwritten and non-documented’ experience of the senior technicians to the younger generation. ENGIE Services Zuid equipped 4 young technicians with a pair of Iristick smart glasses. When confronted with a problem they cannot solve, they set up a remote assistance session with the senior expert on the team. He can see what they see, assess the situation, zoom in on details (meters, codes, parts, …) and indicate problem zones or action points.

JBT offers Remote Assistance smart glasses to clients in quarantine areas.

For the John Bean Technologies Customer Care Team in Belgium (Sint-Niklaas), smart glasses enabling remote assistance is definitely a creative solution to combine high quality maintenance with the current quarantine restrictions. The solution will be used for the first time this week with a large customer in Northern Italy where a local maintenance team will get handsfree remote assistance from experts based in Belgium during the start-up of a 2-shell rotary pressurized sterilizer.