Order picking is one of the most important process steps in logistics. Pick-by-vision is a cornerstone of the warehouse of the future: barcode scanning from a distance, possibly combined with voice commands, while having both hands free brings your workforce to the next productivity level.

No more hassle with ring scanners, phones or tablets. The wearer gets instant feedback on the item scanned (product, inventory, weight, …) and uses this feedback to reduce errors.

Barcode scanning can also be used in digital workflow operations to identify cases, machines, procedures etc


  • Premium, rapid and multiple barcode scanning
  • Fast and efficient order picking
  • Error reduction via the combination of visual feedback, voice commands and barcode scanning
  • Efficient tool to identify cases, machines, procedures in an industrial context

Client Stories

Smart glasses innovate airfreight industry

The goal of the project came down to finding a more efficient way to accept, check and handle shipments at BRUcargo with the help of smart glass technology. The first proof-of-concept focused on digitizing the acceptance checklists for damage control and shortage, while the second proof-of-concept was designed to innovate and improve the current operational processes. Equipped with a barcode scanner and voice commands, Iristick smart glasses seemed highly valuable for the two processes described above.