Key features

See it and fix it: remote assistance as service differentiator

With visual remote assistance and the use of smart glasses, the roles of field service change. The field operator is now empowered to provide much more advanced troubleshooting. Using the smart glasses camera and zoom lens at a problem site, a remote expert can give realtime instructions and guidance, making sure the problem is fixed faster and correctly.

Shared knowledge base

When technicians or operators capture visual images or videos of each visit or intervention, a visual knowledge base is created and can be shared between departments. This helps to resolve issues faster and to increase field force automation. Building up and sharing collective knowledge among colleagues, becomes crucial as equipment complexity and SLA expectation increase.

Visual inspection before intervention

Remote assistance allows to make a first diagnose of a service incident and to determine the best intervention strategy. When a technician visit is deemed necessary, technicians can use visual inspections to make sure they are fully prepared for every visit, with complete knowledge of the issue and all the right spare-parts and maintenance tools.

    Key Benefits for Service Industry

  • Easier to fix problems with both hands available while collaborating remotely
  • Better triage and diagnose before intervention
  • Raising first contact resolution (FCR)
  • Higher and better technician utilization rate
  • Increased field force automation
  • Less travel time and more Hands on Tool Time
  • Faster onboarding of field operators
  • Easy creation of shared knowledge base