Key features

More efficient phenotypic data collection

By enabling hands-free data collection through embedded speech-to-text features, Iristick smart glasses drive efficiency in data collection in various agriculture and biotech R&D operations. With the help of smart glasses, image labelling to create data for machine learning, or AI algorithm development becomes very fast and easy.

Smart glasses also augment the human operator to provide image analysis solutions for hard-to-reach areas.

Live remote expert support

With the help of smart glasses, experts can give advice anytime, anywhere. Agronomy, horticultural and veterinary consultants save significant travel time, allowing them to help more customers. They can support the growers with diagnosing plant or animal health issues and recommend treatments more efficiently. The result will be improved crop or animal health, faster return on problems, and improved profitability.

Agricultural machinery and equipment suppliers and their customers can also benefit from our smart glasses by eliminating downtime, reducing service time and costs of after-sales support, thus improving overall customer service and satisfaction. Find out more about our Remote Assistance solutions here.

Enabling traceability and quality control

Fast and accurate traceability of products from farm-to-fork plays a vital role in the food supply chain. Barcode scanning and hands-free data collection features of our smart glasses help with effective traceability of a product from farm production till distribution and transportation to the consumer. The users will have their hands free and can even take pictures and share it with the related parties.

In biotechnology research and operations, handling laboratory samples or regulated materials through hands-free barcode scanning and speech-to-text data collection drive efficiencies.

The retail channel can take advantage of this technology as well to assure the high-quality standards they set for the fresh produce and processed food products they supply globally.

Adding intelligence through Edge AI

Edge AI applications on Iristick smart glasses make it possible to transfer the knowhow of a domain expert to seasonal employees for on-the-spot decision making. Examples of such applications are fruit ripeness assessment, and disease detection & identification. Edge AI applications on smart glasses lead to higher labour productivity, fast response to pests and diseases, reduced food waste on the farm and an overall increase of farm profitability.

    Benefits for the Agro-Biotech Industry

  • Efficient hands-free data collection
  • Improved crop and animal health
  • Easy and fast image labelling for AI algorithm development
  • Enables better traceability and quality control
  • Reduces training and onboarding time for workers and employees
  • Helps maximize crop yields and timely harvesting
  • Helps increase overall efficiency and profitability