3/2/2022 ANTWERP-BELGIUM Iristick is expanding its digital workflow guidance partner ecosystem and joins forces with Klatt Works Inc., a digital work instruction software provider based in California, USA.

By replacing paper-based work instructions, digital work instructions are transforming the daily tasks of operators and technicians worldwide. As an on-demand solution to complex enterprise processes, Klatt Works’ product “MX Accelerator” provides a system that allows creating step-by-step procedures for hands-free operations via smart glasses, using existing procedures and documents.

As smart glasses are considered the best device for hands-free operations, the application relies on voice navigation, which means that the instructed workflows can be completed by only using voice commands. By disrupting the traditional way of executing workflows, both Iristick and Klatt Works aim to facilitate the jobs of frontline workers in terms of efficiency, safety, and productivity.

“We see a strong evolution towards connected work: enterprises all over the world realize that their operators on-site can work faster, more efficiently and compliant when they have the correct information or remote support. As a consequence, we see the digital workflow software ecosystem grow at a fast pace. This partnership came as natural and provides connected workers with a powerful combination of hardware and software”, says Johan De Geyter, CEO of Iristick.

Klatt Works partners with Iristick smart glasses

With a focus on aerospace MRO and demanding industrial environments, the Klatt Works MX Accelerator application is designed to digitalize existing enterprise procedures. Documents, standard operating procedures, forms, and checklists can be easily uploaded and assigned to technicians. After reviewing “How-to” videos that are generated and shared amongst the technician community, the technician can leverage an integrated remote assistance capability while viewing the documents. The resulting reports of the completed work are then immediately sent to QA, engineering, or customers, as appropriate. In this way, a clear overview is given to track what is done and what’s left to be done.

The combination of Iristick hardware and the MX Accelerator empowers field technicians to interact with manuals and fill in electronic forms and checklists – all with both hands-free. The customers own the content. MX Accelerator does not require unique skill sets like 3D graphics developers. The customers are empowered to create all of the content from checklists, to forms, videos, and images. Complex procedures can easily be enriched with context-based instructional videos and images, ensuring efficient and safe operations. With Iristick, we enable a fully digital workflow and enterprise knowledge sharing at an extremely competitive ROI”, says Nate Klatt, CEO of Klatt Works.

With its phone-tethered interface and plug-and-play setup, the Iristick smart glasses technology works perfectly with the Klatt Works visual guidance software, ensuring existing IT infrastructure integrates seamlessly.

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Published on Feb 3, 2022