PRESS RELEASE- May 27th 2020. XMReality AB and Iristick NV have entered a partnership to offer XMReality Remote Guidance together with Iristick’s smart glasses. Iristick smart glasses are specifically built for industrial applications and hence meet safety glasses standards. XMReality Remote Guidance can now be integrated with the glasses to solve complex problems faster and more efficient and will be part of Iristick’s offer.

This collaboration allows field service engineers and operators to use XMReality Remote Guidance together with Iristick.Z1 smart glasses to get remote assistance. Smart glasses provide a handsfree solution for workers that needs to have their hands available while still receiving additional work instructions to help them perform their work. Smart glasses are mostly used for industrial use cases and Iristick has therefore built their smart glasses as safety glasses while preserving the full user comfort for full-shift operations. Something that expands the potential use scenarios.

"What really motivates us is to offer the deskless workforce of the future topnotch tools to keep operations running, reduce errors and increase productivity. Field technicians are connected in real-time with remote experts, zooming in on the smallest details, to get the job done, fast and effectively. Using smart glasses, they are able to work uninterrupted, with both hands-free while being guided. We expect that, especially in Covid and post-Covid times, the combination of Iristick smart glasses and the high-end features of XMReality Remote Guidance will help many of our customers to keep up their high standards of field service, anywhere in the world." Johan De Geyter, CEO Iristick

XMReality Remote Guidance already integrates with several of the most used smart glasses models on the market and sees a great potential for the combined offer.

‘’We really look forward to this partnership. The industrial segment will still drive a lot of the growth in our business. The Iristick smart glasses are ideal for the industrial application with its long battery time and ruggedized design. The combination of Iristick smart glasses and XMReality Remote Guidance will be a very good choice for any industrial application”, says Jörgen Remmelg, CEO at XMReality.

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Published on May 27, 2020