Join us for a webinar on Wednesday, 21 September, co-hosted by Iristick, Handtmann and Icona. We will demonstrate how smart glasses technology, paired with the right software, can elevate efficiency and decrease costs in your business. Register now to find out how our solution can enable faster and more efficient trainings, and help mitigate the effects of the labour shortage in the manufacturing industry.

Join our webinar co-hosted with Handtmann and Icona

During the webinar, Katrina Auskapa, Sales Manager, Icona, will give an overview of the Acty remote assistance software that enables remote trainings and virtual collaboration.

Her presentation will be followed by Jacob Kent, Head of Growth North America at Iristick who will talk about how Iristick smart glasses can help significantly reduce the time it takes to train a new employee, which can be crucial for companies these days with the global labour shortage we are experiencing.

Finally, Shawn Kentch, Training Manager, Handtmann, will share their use case and give an introduction to HVision: a service created specifically for their clients including Acty's Clone App and Iristick smart glasses.

The webinar will end with a special offer and announcement from Icona and a Q&A session.

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Published on Sep 6, 2022