What will drive the adoption of industrial smart glasses? Technical functionalities? Sure, they’re a must! But user comfort is the crucial decision-maker. From the first sketches, we kept the operator in mind, so we made some radical choices. This is the story of our award-winning smart safety glasses.

"From the very beginning of the product we really involved experts regarding the design of glasses and experts from the mechanical field. We worked together really intensely to achieve a set of glasses and not another piece of electronics.", says Riemer Grootjans, CTO Iristick

Optician Hoet, who was involved in the early stage of the design explains: "Wearer comfort is super important for a pair of glasses. It’s the starting point of everything. Also important is a design that is timeless, unisex and comfortable to wear for both men and women and finally, with some personality. The glasses need to be wearable for any type of face, but also the positioning of the glasses and other demands need to be met."

"A good design is a design that takes into consideration all the stakeholders around the product and the whole lifecycle. That can be manufacturing, that can be service stability, the end user. Obviously with a wearable like the Iristick the end-user is the most important stakeholder, but you cannot forget the other ones. Especially the service stability should always be taken into consideration. A good design does all that and looks good too," according to Phil Madden, Industrial Designer Achilles.

The combined effort of all these experts led to the Red Dot Award 2018 for the Iristick.Z1 and Iristick.C1.

Published on Nov 2, 2018