As a global market leader in precision positioning technology, PI Group is advancing the complex installation processes that go hand in hand with custom-engineered applications by introducing smart glasses.

Smart glasses pilot to increase customer service and reduce installation error

As it is becoming more common, industrial applications are embracing higher levels of accuracies in precision motion, entering into micron and sometimes nanometer levels of precision. It is therefore evident that absolute attention in the installation phase is of utmost importance. Even down to friction of trailing cables can result in these applications not working to the high performance of what is expected.

“Our products are extremely sensitive and require the highest level of accuracy during assembly. When our applications are installed with the smallest deviation, our clients can end up with a system that is not fully optimized with potential motion irregularities. In those cases, they send us back the product for re-evaluation and more often, we experience the error being the result of an incorrect initial set up of the solution” says Richard Moss, PI Group’s Global Head of Sales Operations and Customer Experience.

It becomes readily apparent that in case of these ultra-precise installation processes, more visibility in the customer application would be beneficial for both customers and PI Group and this is exactly where smart glasses play a crucial role. On top of that, the imposed Covid-19 travel restrictions forced PI into a state of standstill with field representatives no longer being able to travel to China and the USA on-site for installation support and training.

PI Group's service engineer providing remote support in real-time
PI Group's service engineer providing remote support in real-time

Customers wearing Iristick.G1 smart glasses will be connected in real-time with PI Group’s experts, who can follow each step and movement during installation and give feedback accordingly. Moss adds “it gives us a deeper analysis of our customer applications that could save us and our customers a huge amount of time and money and lead to fewer errors and returns. The See-What-I-See technology allows clients to set the stage up themselves and our experts are virtually in the room without actually having to be physically present.”

PI is currently in the pilot phase, having their field engineers getting used to the smart glasses technology. A rollout is planned from January 2022 onwards and with the simple ‘plug and play’ set up, Moss is convinced that the Iristick smart glasses solution will definitely hit the spot with assured acclaim.

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Published on Sep 14, 2021