Remote assistance allows operators and technicians in the field to collaborate in real-time with distant experts for instructions and support via a working internet connection. It stems from a well-known concept in the IT-world but is now redefined by the combination of internet and wearable devices as a new tool for the deskless worker. Smart glasses, in particular, have the ability to let a field worker collaborate with both hands free and in real-time with a distant expert. Remote assistance enabled via smart glasses has 4 major benefits for the industry: speed, efficiency, safety and knowledge sharing.

What is remote assistance?

Remote support in IT

Remote assistance and remote support are terms commonly used in the IT world. They refer to IT tools and software that allow an IT expert or support representative to connect to a remote computer from their consoles and work directly on the remote system. The aim is to solve a computer problem from a distance without physical presence of the IT specialist. Speed and efficiency were the main drivers in the development of remote assistance for IT.

Remote assistance for deskless workers in the field

The fast development of mobile technology and connectivity has triggered a completely new meaning of remote assistance. The connected world has made information readily accessible and interaction instantaneous– anytime, anywhere. This also applies to industry. Meanwhile, the smart wearables/smart glasses industry has reached a proven maturity level, offering companies a range of devices to support mobile workers to collaborate remotely in real time. Mobile or deskless workers refer to employees in 'the field' or on the frontline, such as technicians, operators, health care workers, warehouse workers, etc. Smart remote support is one of the building blocks in the industry transformation and will specifically be oriented towards these deskless or frontline workers.

So in an industrial context ‘remote assistance’ refers to the hardware and software tools that enable deskless workers in the field to connect in real-time through video streaming with a distant expert. Regardless of his location, the expert helps the fieldworker by looking at the same problem and giving instant advice and help. This can be done using smartphones, tablets or smart glasses.

Remote assistance via smart glasses, remote collaboration in real-time
Remote assistance: fieldworker collaborates remotely with distant expert in real-time

Realtime remote assistance via smart glasses

Smart glasses have a great advantage over smartphones and tablets with their ability to work with both hands free. Smart glasses have integrated audio and video capabilities, mimicking video conferencing calls through the glasses. The remote expert can connect via live streaming and see what the on-site operator is doing. As the operator is wearing the glasses, he can solve the problem using both hands. With today’s powerful cameras and even zoom lenses on the new generation of smart glasses, it’s as if both the field worker and the expert are in the same room, even when they are miles away from each other. It goes without saying that remote assistance via smart glasses will be a real game-changer in many industries.

Published on Sep 26, 2019