Join Iristick, Pepperl+Fuchs and Wideum for a deep dive into how you can implement hands-free remote assistance and increase your efficiencies in operations and reduce downtime.

Machine breakdowns, incidents and hazards affect your production output, which can delay shipping schedules, fulfillment, vendor relationships, and customer satisfaction.

The challenge for operational plant custodians is to optimize maintenance and inspection efforts to ensure the maximum benefit in terms of risk reduction whilst maintaining a high quality of statutory compliance.

To demonstrate a concrete solution to address your daily challenges, Iristick, Pepperl+Fuchs and Wideum have come together to host a joint webinar:

Hands-free Remote Assistance: Smart Glasses & RemoteEye in Hazardous Areas

Webinar: Hands-free Remote Assistance - Smart Glasses & RemoteEye in Hazardous Areas


During this session, Koen Schauwaert from Iristick, Alessandro Rivero Bottger from Wideum and Carl Henderson from Pepperl+Fuchs will show you a live remote assistance demo that is applicable to hazardous areas but also a regular production or field environment. You will also have the privilege to get the first announcement of a bundled solution package by these companies.

Look forward to seeing you on the 25th of May!


Published on May 11, 2022