First of all, thank you to all the participants and especially the ones that came by our virtual booth at EWTS last week. The current COVID19 restrictions make it very difficult -if not, impossible- to travel, but we believe the EWTS organization did its utmost best to give us a functional exhibition platform with a myriad of features.

The content of the presentations was outstanding and most of them reflected the growing maturity of the enterprise wearables industry. Impossible to summarize all, but three of them are definitely worth mentioning.

The OPTEL session was an honest testimonial by Matthew Hall, describing his journey with our partner AMA. He illustrated Optel’s increasing adoption of smart glasses over the last 4 years, making him a true Remote Assistance veteran. He points out that pre-Covid19 metrics on the reduction of travel time, diminishing carbon footprint and easier access to skilled staff have only been strengthened with the current pandemic. In his opinion, this needle has shifted permanently.

My favorite quote from this EWTS edition came during the Google Glass session: our industry shifted from “Barriers for Adoption” to “Barriers for Scaling”. I think it is the perfect illustration of the growth in our industry. Companies are no longer asking “if and when” they should adopt smart glasses (for remote assistance for instance), but they are looking for answers on “how” they should do it. “How should we align with IT standards?”, “How do we best enforce our security standards?”, “How do we organize company-wide device management?” These are all perfect illustrations of the maturing state of our industry. Smart glasses providers are all answering these questions on a daily basis.

And of course, I have to include the keynote presentation of Carrie Roy and Michael Calvillo, both senior product designers of our client Bayer US. Their journey to introduce smart glasses in different business units was very insightful. Iristick has been working with Bayer since the very beginning of this journey and we are more than proud that multiple business units are using the Iristick Z1 smart glasses model for crop inspections outdoors and in greenhouses. The comfortable-to-wear solution that allows verbal data-entry in fairly noisy environments, with excellent picture quality coming from the optical zoom lens, are key features to make this project a success.

Bayer presentation on EWTS
Bayer presentation on EWTS

Being in the business of virtual, augmented and informed reality implies we should be experts in virtual exhibitions. But that being said, we hope to meet you all in person next year. But for this edition, it’s a wrap…

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Published on Oct 26, 2020