PRESS RELEASE- Antwerp, April 27 2021

Iristick officially announces the launch of a totally new device in its product portfolio: Iristick.H1 smart glasses are head-mounted, designed as a balanced and lightweight wearable to use in various professional contexts. Iristick.H1 has dual 16 Megapixel central cameras, a unique optical zoom lens and a 3-axis adjustable display to give instructions and additional information to the smart glasses’ wearer. With the zoom lens on one side, the display on the other side and the central cameras in the middle, you get the most balanced pair of smart glasses on the market. This new device can be adapted to both right and left eye dominant wearers and can easily be clipped onto dedicated or personal PPE. With its IP67 certificate, Iristick.H1 can be used in a wide range of professional environments.

Smart glasses provide frontline workers with a powerful tool to collaborate in real-time with remote experts, making their interventions more effective and safer. The pandemic has accelerated the use of smart glasses to cope with travel restrictions and to keep operations running. We strongly believe this new remote way of working will become a standard in the future. With this product innovation, Iristick wants to provide the right smart glasses for every frontline worker.

Iristick.H1 head-mounted smart glasses
Iristick.H1 head-mounted smart glasses

Why was this new device, Iristick.H1, developed?

We believe true innovation comes from listening to our customers and making products that serve their needs. And realizing that not all customers are the same. Some operators work outside, some inside. Some wear safety glasses and helmets, some don’t. Some need prescription glasses. Some work in sterile environments, others in dusty or noisy environments, some in hazardous areas. The one thing they all have in common is that they need both hands free and the correct information to do their job.

But for a long time now, the smart glasses market has tried to serve all these customers with one product. This ‘one size fits all’ approach does not fully value the variety in operators, industries and use cases. After carefully evaluating the needs of our customers, we made a list of features for product innovation that resulted in the creation of the Iristick.G1 and Iristick.H1.

Will there be a solution for hazardous areas?

Hazardous areas require special equipment. The Iristick.H1 will be the foundation for the ECOM Visor-EXR 01 for use in intrinsically safe environments. ECOM Visor-EXR 01 is a co-created product by Iristick and ECOM Instruments - A Pepperl+Fuchs Brand, world-leader in intrinsically safe mobile devices. This collaboration brought together the expert knowledge of both companies, resulting in a new product that will serve mobile workers in the hazard areas market (ATEX/IECEX Zone 1, DIVISION 1).

How does Iristick.H1 complement the current Iristick.G1?

Iristick.G1, formerly on the market as Iristick.Z1, is highly appreciated by customers. With its special design as a regular pair of glasses, Iristick.G1 are perfect to deploy when an integrated and lightweight smart safety glasses approach is preferred.

Iristick.H1 is designed to clip onto a headband or helmet and easily combines with personal safety glasses, hard hats or other required PPE. The choice between Iristick.G1 or Iristick.H1 depends on a number of criteria, such as PPE requirements, number of operators using the same pair of smart glasses, usage frequency and duration, safety requirements and environmental context. Irisitck.G1 and Iristick.H1 are complementary products, each with its own unique features.

Iristick.G1, Iristick.G1PRO and Iristick.H1 are available from May 2021.

Which applications can be used on the Iristick.H1?

Iristick smart glasses are used for remote assistance, digital workflow guidance and pick-by-vision and in a wide variety of industries, such as manufacturing, chemical industry, field service, logistics and healthcare. Because their needs are as diverse as their operations, we teamed up with more than 10 software partners (compatible with both Iristick.G1 and Iristick.H1).

Published on Apr 23, 2021