Iristick announced today the signature of a distribution agreement for industrial smart glasses with Capestone, distributor of high-technology Wireless Wan & IoT solutions. Iristick smart glasses feature live streaming technology, enabling "hands-free" remote assistance, work instruction guidance and pick-by-vision. Unique to the Iristick smart glasses is the use of the processing power of a smartphone, significantly reducing implementation costs. For Capestone an important reason to further strengthen the distribution and footprint of Iristick in Europe by this complementary offering to the current smart glass portfolio.

The partnership adds a selection of industrial smart glasses to Capestone’s portfolio of high-technology solutions. Iristick smart glasses will make it possible for the company’s customers to improve work efficiencies and reduce costs by leveraging remote consultations, digital workflow guidance or pick-by-vision logistics.

In recent years Capestone has become an expert in this field with its 4G/5G mobile internet solutions, Rugged and ATEX offerings in various industries. In 2021, the distribution of smart glasses was added due to its applicability in the industries where Capestone operates. New markets of AR technology can be tapped. Also with the increasing demand for remote assistance, where smart glasses can be combined with 4G and 5G internet solutions as a total solution, partners of Capestone can truly distinguish themselves in the market.

"To respond to the increasing demand for hands-free remote assistance, we are further expanding our smart glass portfolio with Iristick. Iristick's smart glasses offer high-end solutions for industries such as: manufacturing, field services, healthcare, oil & gas, agro-biotech and logistics. Iristick's smart glasses are the most balanced and lightweight in the market: comfortable, stable and minimal heat dissipation and electromagnetic radiation near the temple. The smart glasses are equipped with a central camera for a large, natural field of view as well as a powerful optical zoom camera and barcode scanning functions. We expect the implementation of the Iristick smart glasses to be low-threshold. Iristick has chosen a phone-tethered architecture. This provides the user with smart glasses that are powerful yet comfortable and lightweight to wear, combined with the rapidly evolving processing power of smartphones. Application developers can use their existing software development infrastructure to create applications on a smartphone. This makes them complementary to our current portfolio of A-brands for mission-critical communications," said Patrick Eijsackers, Sales Manager Smart Glasses, Rugged & ATEX mobile devices at Capestone.

Jos Ouwerkerk, CEO Capestone and Bart Verreydt, Chief Commercial Officer at Iristick, concluded the partnership this week. "AR and Smart Glasses are emerging technologies that impact the daily work of different types of frontline workers. In addition to wireless mobile internet, Iristick's smart glasses now offer first-class tools for the 'desk-less' workforce of the future, to reduce errors and increase productivity," said Jos Ouwerkerk.

"We are thrilled to be adding our Iristick smart glasses to Capestone’s portfolio of high-end solutions. The partnership with Capestone will help us further enhance our footprint in the European markets and will help us to offer our end customers the best service through leveraging Capestone’s technical expertise, logistical support and marketing efforts,” said Bart Verreydt.

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Published on Apr 20, 2022