CEO Johan De Geyter on our EWTS2019 booth
CEO Johan De Geyter on our EWTS2019 booth

This year’s EWTS2019 was again a great exhibition with a lot of companies present in Dallas. The conference brought together a highly targeted mix of buyers and sellers. The enterprise AR and smart glasses-market is clearly reaching its maturity level.

More and more companies shared their findings, data and experience with operational projects during the very interesting conference talks. The pilot-, try- or experiment-days are over. Smart glasses are here to stay and are fully part of any digital initiative or AR journey.

Our partner Proceedix hosted a thought-provoking panel session in the “architecture, Engineering and Construction”-track and those who stayed until the very end, could enjoy the most interesting talk of Sanofi’s approach on wearable devices.

Iristick was a proud exhibitor of EWTS2019

The Iristick team received excellent feedback on our announcement that the Iristick.Z1 is now fully compatible with iOS. Linking the Iristick.Z1 to an iPhone gives companies with a strict iOS company policy the benefits of working with smart glasses for remote assistance, work instruction guidance and pick-by-vision. Iristick smart glasses are now fully compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. This iOS announcement triggered a few companies that delayed smart glasses introduction until now, to re-launch the pilot into a project.

And with that news, Iristick is happy to have contributed to the continuous innovation in our sector and for us #EWTS is a wrap.

Published on Sep 24, 2019