Summer has arrived. It is a season when schools are closed, and most people take vacations. However, we all keep on working except for our holidays, like the rest of the year. It can be challenging to people on the northern hemisphere since it can mean high temperatures and longer days.

Most service businesses have several technicians that perform jobs such as installations and maintenance in the field. Some examples include HVAC professionals, telecom providers, electricians, plumbers, among many others. And some businesses like HVAC have more work during summertime than other seasons. There are also more people going on holiday during this period, which makes it even more challenging to schedule and handle all requests coming in.

Field service staff can also experience extreme heat, humidity and related health and safety issues during this period. While the warm summer temperatures mean fun in the sun for most people, Field Service workers are out in the heat to perform the jobs that help keep their organizations running and their customers happy. It can be very challenging, and they need to be taken well care of.

Other issues that field workers might face are limited communication or limited real-time communication, not being able to have hands-free communication and solo working. Solo shifts and loneliness at work can become very difficult and can affect the performance, motivation, and well-being of employees. Although most of the recent technologies can help with these problems, most of them can not solve the whole problem. A tablet or a phone can help a field worker connect to anyone else in the organization, but they can’t allow them to work while having the calls.

How can you help your workforce better during this period?

Improving employee health and well-being is one of the major goals of an organization. People on the field have different challenges than office workers and these need to be tackled differently.

Smart glasses can substantially decrease the time for solving issues on the field and the time that your employees need to stand out in the sun. It can help you with scheduling technical assistance sessions better since it allows remote assistance. Technical experts do not necessarily need to travel to the site and change their schedule constantly for unexpected breakdowns or issues.

Adding industrial grade smart glasses to your key field workers’ toolset can be one of the best decisions you make.

If you are considering using or testing smart glasses in your business, feel free to contact us for a demo or a video call.

Benefits of using smart glass technology for field service:

  • Instant and on-demand service and troubleshooting
  • Improved technician effectiveness
  • Reduced burden on the back office
  • Ensured health and well-being of the field workers
  • Minimized troubleshooting expense by eliminating non-essential technician dispatches
  • Increased customer satisfaction by quickly and conveniently resolving issues

Published on Jul 12, 2022