Bayer showcases the use of our smart glasses on EWTS

Bayer showcases the use of our smart glasses on EWTS2020
Bayer presentation on EWTS2020

EWTS, the world-leading event for industrial AR/VR wearables and applications, won’t take place in San Diego this year, but in a completely virtual form. Due to Covid19, the summit will go digital in order to mimic the offline experience the best way possible.

One of the presentations will be hosted by Bayer (US) as they teamed up with us last year to research how crop field inspection could benefit from the use of smart glasses.

Carry Roy (Ph.D., Senior Product Designer) and Michael Calvillo (PhD, Senior Product Designer) from Bayer US, steered this project from beginning till end and will explain the use of AR technology to drive innovation in crop science data collection. Specifically, they will go in-depth on their Iristick smart glasses technology case study, in which the use of our smart glasses and its built-in voice technology provided an added value for Bayer's crop science field and greenhouse data.

  • Using hand-held mobile devices to collect crop science field and greenhouse data is problematic from an end-user usability perspective
  • AR headsets and related technologies provide users with a significantly improved, hands-free experience
  • Speech-to-text (STT) was shown to be a highly reliable method of data entry
  • Visual confirmation of spoken words and data values provides real-time quality checking of data points
  • QR scanning capabilities can be used to quickly log critical workflow identifiers using AR headsets
  • Photos are easily captured by AR headsets, and can be verbally tagged using STT in order to reduce user curation
  • Robust workflow design allows AR solutions to be leveraged in multiple contexts: field and greenhouse data collection; inventory and warehouse applications
  • Presenters will discuss their experiences pitching for, and receiving corporate innovation funds, the benefits of conducting zero-budget, proof-of-concept experiments, and partnering with internal agile development teams and key vendor collaborators


Follow Bayer’s use case on ‘Using AR Technologies to Drive Innovation in Crop Science Data Collection’ online. To register, click here.

Published on Sep 9, 2020