PRESS RELEASE -AMA and IRISTICK team up to create the most powerful solution for remote assistance on smart safety glasses in industry.

AMA (XpertEye) and Iristick are delighted to officially announce their partnership that marks the beginning of a new era in remote assistance for the deskless workforce. XpertEye is the first solution to fully benefit from a new generation of industrial smart safety glasses. “XpertEye on Iristick” combines the experience of AMA and the innovation of Iristick.

Iristick is the creator of the Iristick.Z1, smart safety glasses for the industry. Iristick smart glasses are ruggedized, certified safety glasses equipped with 2 cameras and a powerful optical zoom lens, barcode scanner, voice commands, unrestricted field of view and ‘full-shift’ battery capacity. All combined in a unique and comfortable design.

XpertEye, by AMA, is an advanced remote solution for smart glasses and other cameras that bridges the distance between people in need of immediate assistance either for industrial or healthcare purposes.

The collaboration of XpertEye and Iristick combines the powerful solution of AMA with the top-class smart safety Glasses of Iristick, supporting field technicians, shortening intervention times, saving travel costs and making sure all expertise is available when needed.

“For the first time we have seen smart glasses that have outstanding features like the optical zoom lens and a full shift battery combined in a comfortable to wear design. These characteristics combined with our proven Remote Assistance solution is highly appreciated by all the pilot customers we asked for feedback during development” Guillaume Campion, AMA VP Product and Partnership.

"The XpertEye solution uses new features available on the iristick.Z1, like the optical zoom lens and the full shift battery capacity. It was a real pleasure to work with the AMA-team. Their expertise helped us to further improve the Iristick.Z1 to become the best smart safety glasses for Remote Assistance in industry." Johan De Geyter, CEO Iristick.

Published on May 15, 2019