ALSO announces their collaboration with Iristick, one of the world’s leading providers of assisted reality solutions for frontline industrial workers. The company’s wearable solutions will be provided to B2B customers across BeNeLux, DACH and the Nordic region.

With this agreement, ALSO’s portfolio for augmented reality solutions will be expanded with future-proof smart glasses by Iristick. Smart glass technology solutions are still in their initial stages and are operating in an ever-growing market. The market is estimated to be around $3.5 bn in 2025. The partnership expands ALSO’s portfolio for augmented reality solutions, including the provisioning of the only phone-tethered devices in the market.

“We will be collaborating with ALSO in various IoT events and introduce our future-proof technology further to potential users.” says Johan De Geyter, CEO at Iristick. “As Iristick, we have the goal to empower frontline workers, transform and digitalize processes to help businesses increase efficiencies, decrease costs and carbon footprint. I believe ALSO is the perfect partner to realize our ambitious growth targets in the European market with their technical expertise, distribution network and marketing efforts.”

Iristick’s industrial grade smart glasses feature live streaming technology, enabling “hands-free” remote assistance, videoconferencing, work instructions guidance and pick-by-vision. Unique to the Iristick smart glasses is the utilization of the processing power of a smartphone, significantly reducing implementation costs and increasing performance.

“IoT applications will gain more and more momentum over the next years. They can help enterprises to reduce costs while at the same time significantly improving service quality. Iristicks smart glasses, which can be used across various sectors ranging from manufacturing to healthcare, are an excellent example for the potential in this area" says Wolfgang Krainz, Chief Customer Officer at ALSO.

Published on Oct 11, 2022