Industrial smart glasses

Enabling handsfree remote assistance, step-by-step workflow guidance and pick-by-vision.



Full shift battery life

Unrestricted field of view

Zoom into the smallest details

No radiation near your temple

Feels and looks like a normal pair of glasses

Key features


Ergonomic and lightweight certified safety glasses

Designed for maximum comfort and fit

No radiation and heat dissipation

Safe and comfortable to use for extended periods

Mobile device (Android and iOS) compatible

Android 7 or above with USB Type-C connection and iOS

9-axis sensor

Accelerometer, gyroscope and compass sensory data

Application software support

SDK provides access to all components and a growing network of application vendors

3-axis adjustable heads-up display

Patented system to focus display to users' unique physical requirements

Full-shift battery life

Swappable pocket unit supports full-shift of continuous use

Gesture and voice control

Includes touch pad, speaker, microphone and optional audio jack

Central camera

High performance 5MP imager with wide field of view gives wearers' view of environment

5x optical zoom camera *

5MP imager enabling high quality zoom video and images by a factor of 25 (*Z1)

Rapid barcode scanning *

Laser and flash LED allow for quick focus, zoom and barcode scanning (*Z1)