Enterprise use cases

Empowering deskless workers with hands-free mobile and wearable technology is paramount for the enterprise 4.0. Smart glasses, with powerful processing power and live streaming and zoom capacities offer endless process improvement opportunities for enterprise.

Quality control

Hands-free inspection and remote audit

Shop floor

Hands-free human centered work instructions and support


Combination of visual and voice reduces error, in addition to barcode scanning

(Field) maintenance

Hands-free work instructions and remote expert support during intervention


Supporting diagnostics and care providers in the field by a remote expert


Live streaming for educational purposes

Social impact use cases

Iristick smart glasses can also leverage scarce expertise to address social challenges in both developing and developed countries.

Real-time medical advice

Rural healthcare workers in developing countries receive real-time medical advice from remote experts

Maintenance of (health) infrastructure

Support of field workers to maintain the (healthcare) facilities and infrastructure

Mobile health in Western societies

Remote expert support of home care workers

Connected operators are smart operators

Iristick smart glasses will transform the way your operators work: always connected, always able to share their view in the field with a distant expert, always able to use both hands and at the same time sharing or retrieving valuable information about their operation.

Better informed

You-see-what-I-see technology empowers them with remote expertise

More efficient

Problems are solved faster, first-time-right minimizes errors and rework, training goes faster

More compliant

Information can be recorded and shared easily